Our History | Nu-Look Cleaners

Nu-Look Cleaners has been synonymous with quality dry cleaning since 1948. During its early years, ownership changed hands several times. In 1970, Martin J "Sonny" Mills purchased Nu-Look Cleaners. Energized by his new business, Sonny rolled up his sleeves and began to learn the dry cleaning trade.

While the 70's were not a great time for the dry cleaning business, Sonny found a way to make Nu-Look Cleaners successful. Focusing on personal service and quality work, the people of Henderson soon knew where to go for quality dry cleaning service.

The 1980's saw better times for the dry cleaning business. The polyester clothes that were popular in the 70's were replaced with cotton. The crisp look of cotton and linens were the style. This sent more people to the dry cleaners, as did the trend of more women working out side of the home. With the growth of Nu-Look's business came the need to expand to the north end of Henderson. A second store was opened on Barrett Boulevard in 1982.

In 1989 Robby Mills, Sonny's son, joined the business. The dry cleaning business was still going strong.
The father and son partnership decided to break new ground and expand to a new town.

In 1992 they expanded Nu-Look Cleaners to Madisonville and in
1996 they expanded to Owensboro in two locations.

In 2006, the dry cleaning business slowly contracted,
with the popular dress codes changing to a more casual style.

With hard work and dedication to their customers,
Nu-Look Cleaners became a leader in the dry cleaning business in Western Kentucky.

While the number of locations has changed, Nu-Look Cleaner's commitment to quality service has remained the same. Dry cleaning technology has also changed over the years, and Nu-Look has been a leader in implementing these changes in the facilities. Forty-Two years later, Sonny Mills is still at the helm of Nu-Look Cleaners. He is still involved daily in the operation of their dry cleaning plant located on Second Street in Henderson. Along with a dedicated staff of trained professionals, he continues to provide quality dry cleaning service to the people of Henderson and Western Kentucky.